Capture One 12
Proofing, Auto-Tagging, Sharing

Prodibi is a unique image display solution that allows you to showcase and share your pictures in full resolution, high quality and full speed on the web and mobile.

Like thousands of other users, you can now benefit from Prodibi directly from Capture One 12 thanks to the new plugin interface.

Please note that this is a beta version the plugin is provided "as is" and usage of the plugin is done at your own risk. * The Auto-Tagging features is only available for MAC * Find all plugin tutorials here: * Find more information on the Prodibi Blog here:

*Install instruction for MacOs:

  1. close capture one, go to /users/{your user}/LIbrary/Application Support/Capture One/Plug-ins and delete all prodibi plugin
  2. download 0.1.8 at
  3. right click > open with Capture One 12 or 20 or 21
  4. you will get an error message > go to system > security > allow prodibi plugin
  5. in Capture one > preferences > plugins > prodibi Enable
  6. you will have a new security error message but this time with "open" button click open
  7. Enable prodibi plugin again and you should be good to go

Feel free to send us feedback and bug reports using the live tchat so we can improve the plugin and make it as usefull as possible!

Proofing galleries directly from Capture One
Get client feedback with proofing galleries in full resolution
  • Publish directly from Capture One
  • Get ratings back to your catalog or session
  • Stunning full resolution galleries for web and mobile
  • Deliver digitals via download
Auto-Tagging (MAC only)
Auto-tag your photos with computer vision
Add keywords automatically to your Capture One catalog or session to help you organize, find, and manage your photos
  • Auto-tag directly from Capture One
  • Get tags back to your catalog or session as keywords
  • Categorize, label and identify content
  • Detect faces with age, emotion, gender, and more
  • Improve accuracy with domain specific models: Wedding, Food, Apparels, Travel, Texture, Celebrities, Landmarks
Share your stunning full resolutions photos
Publish full resolutions, high quality and super fast web galleries from Capture One
  • Zoomable images
  • Full resolution up to 3 Giga pixels
  • Preview for social medias
  • Update your website or WordPress directly from Capture One
  • Deliver digitals via download